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The SOL development team uses state-of-the-art object-oriented, web-based, and model-based technologies that ensure high productivity, reusability, and the best software quality. The specific technologies and tools used at SOL are the following:

  • Model-driven software development with UML.
  • Executable UML using SOLoist technology: code (in Java) and database schema (SQL DDL) generation directly from UML.
  • Object-oriented programming in C++, Java, or C#
  • Web technologies: HTML5, Ajax, JavaScript, Java-based technologies, .Net.
  • Database management systems: Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase.
  • Integration with legacy and external systems
  • Target platforms: Windows and Linux.
  • Development environments: Visual Studio .NET and Eclipse.

For the purposes of efficient building of complex information systems, SOL uses a special model-driven technology named SOLoist. This contemporary approach is based on a kind of executable UML runtime environment (i.e. for a UML profile) and development tools that co-operate with a third-party UML modeling tool. This approach:

  • has fast learning curve,
  • is intuitive, developer- and user-friendly, and it offers high usability for all,
  • raises the abstraction level and reduces accidental complexity
  • facilitates rapid prototyping,
  • is platform-independent,
  • assures fast ROI.

To learn more about the SOLoist technology, see our SOLoist page.