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Partnership between Atos Serbia and SOL Software

We are proud to announce that Atos Serbia d.o.o. and SOL Software have signed a memorandum of understanding, expressing their mutual interest in strenghening partnership.

“Atos and SOL have already had successful partnerships in several projects, and Atos recognizes and acclaims SOL’s proficiency, quality of service, and performance demonstrated in those projects, especially the project for a National Cadastral System,” reads in the memorandum.

Atos and SOL have a range of experience and competencies and believe it would be in their mutual interest to combine their complementary skills and experience by cooperating with each other and submitting joint proposals in respect of the various projects and tenders in the fields and course of mutual expertise and interest.

Subject to the mutual interest, Atos, when playing the role of the primary contractor or bidder, will consider inviting SOL as a partner or subcontractor in the business cases where SOL can provide unique or competitive software development and consultancy expertise, especially in the following business fields where SOL already has successful references or solutions:

  • E-government solutions, especially, but not limited to, Identity Document Management systems, Civil Registry, Cadastral systems, and similar.
  • E-learning and digital publishing systems.
  • Various custom-made and specific information systems in SOL’s portfolio.
Atos is a global leader in IT solutions and services, present in financial services & insurance, healthcare & life sciences, manufacturing, public sector & defense, telecommunications & media, transport & logistics, retail, hospitality & major events, and therefore offering end-to-end solutions and system integration in various fields of ICT worldwide.

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