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On-site outsourcing: If your IT deparment needs help, or you want to outsource a software development project under your project management at your site, SOL can provide developers and analysts experienced in on-site outsourcing and integration with the customer’s team. We have successfully completed several such projects with German partners, of size from a few to dozens of man-months. See more on our expertise and experience.

Off-site outsourcing: If you want to outsource a part or a complete software project, we can help you with a turnkey solution. See more on our expertise and experience. Depending on the nature of your business, SOL may offer you different modalities of collaboration:

  • If you do not have your own IT department, SOL may offer you a complete solution, starting from the system analysis, business process reengineering, project planning, design, implementation, deployment, training of the end-users, and maintenance support. Thanks to our experience with on-site outsourcing, we know our crew members integrate well within other companies.
  • If you have your own IT department, you may prefer developing the system yourself. In this case, SOL offers you teaching and training that will improve your software engineering practices: OO programming in C++ and Java, modeling, analysis and design in UML, model-driven development, and development of information systems using our technology. However, our experience is full of successful projects that were developed jointly with development teams of partners, sharing workload and working together on the same subject and under the common project management. During such collaboration, the partner’s team smoothly and progressively masters our advanced model-driven technology and methods, upgrading its own production process. This model turns out to be very efficient and productive in practice.
  • If you need development tools and runtime engines, either to run your information system or to augment it, SOL can provide them. Regardless of the problem domain(s) of your business, we can develop business-specific modules for you, apart from some off-the-shelf generic modules. However, you can also develop your own business-specific modules, quickly and easily, and deploy and maintain them yourself. Naturally, SOL will assist and support your IT department in the process.
  • If you already have a legacy information system, and wish to improve your business with a more powerful and flexible solution, you should consider upgrading and replacing it step by step. SOL may assist and guide you, as well as provide the replacement information system. Furthermore, our technology is open to operate side by side with the existing legacy systems and to provide a modern, object-oriented view of your legacy data, with transaction and access control. You can also upgrade your system with it by adding new functionality, without discarding your old system completely. This way, you can cut off unnecessary investments.

In any case, you may customize your system by choosing the optimal set of runtime engines, user interfaces, development tools, and modules that best fit into your current needs, with the prospect of easy and efficient upgrading in the future.

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