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SOL Software is a software research and development company specialized in building sophisticated business information systems and providing technology for model-driven software engineering. Its business focuses on two kinds of activities:

High proficiency of SOL’s development team is maintained with a balanced combination of enthusiasm of its young and skilled developers, and expertise of its experienced consultants, analysts. This know-how is topped off with a management team educated in technical sciences, recognizing and understanding market trends as technical issues as well. Such collaboration delivers the answer to nearly any software engineering challenge.

The products and services of SOL are characterized by:

  • High quality, user-friendliness and easy maintainance
  • Short development time
  • Competitive price

SOL achieves this by following its fundamental business principles:

  • Customer satisfaction as the top priority.
  • Professional project management, optimized to every client and project.
  • Balancing implementation of products for customers with development of new software technologies.
  • Careful selection of staff. We value practical experience as well as solid theoretical knowledge.
  • Constant improvement of staff-skills through permanent education, training, and practice.

SOL development team possess expertise in all contemporary software engineering techniques and methods, such as analysis and design, design patterns, model-based software development (incl. automatic code generation), component-based software development, testing, configuration management, etc.

SOL is constantly improving its productivity by researching state-of-the-art software engineering technologies and developing its own techniques and tools to improve software production and quality in both short and long run.