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SOL offers a range of educational courses, to help you take full advantage of our technoogy. You may also request an on-site course if your needs dictate so.

We structure our selection of courses and develop its content, based upon the needs of our clients. To facilitate the learning process, SOL instructors have developed courses according to functional learning paths. We believe that providing attendants with the best practices not only clarifies the learning process, but also allows attendants to quickly make use of the knowledge that they have acquired.

We offer courses designed for software developers.

Each course contains hands-on exercises to maximize the transfer of information. Testing is also a part of our curriculum to accurately gauge our ability to teach you. You may also provide feedback about our instructors and courses through confidential end-of-course evaluations.

Any investment of your resources in our training will return to you a wealth of information, hands-on experience, and extended value with regard to SOLutions we provide. We are looking forward to ensuring your success.